When is the right time to Rebrand?

Have you ever thought about rebranding your existing brand? or you’re feeling like you need a fresh new look and feel? Maybe you need a new image to help establish your business with a new personality that is relevant to your audience. But do you truly understand why you need to rebrand? Surprisingly enough, many business owners and executives don't really understand the underlying reasons why they need to do a rebranding project. If that’s the case for you, this article might give you some insights about rebranding.

If you're not aware already, building a brand is not an easy task, the same goes for rebranding. It is difficult, it involves a lot of research, lots of coordination, especially convincing other stakeholders to understand the main objective of why the brand needs to present a different look.

To put it in perspective, rebranding is not only about a logo redesign. It is not all about the new shining logo and shimmering color. Rebranding means that you will change your entire organization as seen through the eyes of your stakeholders (customers, employees, and even communities). That means your company will have a new look and feel, either a new concept or modernizing the old one to meet your audience's expectations while still aligning with your company’s values and objectives.

Now that you understand how crucial rebranding is, you understand the reason why you need a rebranding before deciding to go further. There are several things that you need to know regarding the intended problem of why you choose to rebrand. these several things below can be your consideration as an indicator that the time is right to rebrand

Your visual appearance doesn’t reflect your overall value and objective

Reflect on your visual appearance or brand identity. See whether or not it's describing your company’s mission and vision enough, and does it radiate the vibe and feel of your brand. Visual appearances are considered as a part of your overall company. This fact reflects the value of aesthetic design since people judge something based on subjective information that appears visually. You don’t want to lose a potential customer because your brand appearance is not appealing.

Your brand needs to stand out in the same market category

If you’re feeling like others are threatening you with a similar brand image, it’s time to improve and evolve into a brand new image. This mass of competition creates an infinite choice, and your brand needs to stand out differently to win.

You want to attract new market segmentation

A new market may be a strategic option for your business. That means you need a little change to adjust to your new audience. Get your brand message clearly to attract them efficiently. Thus, it’s an important component to increase sales and a good chance to serve customers in this new market.

You have an outdated image

It is possible that your brand is too old to be relevant to today's society. Some brands may be able to stay relatively consistent for a long time, but others are not and do need some updates. Thus, It is important to revitalize your brand within several years and stay relevant to your audience and save yourself from plummeting sales.

After considering and deciding that you have the right reason, you should ensure that your decision is also aligned with your brand strategy. Look around and choose the right agency to help you through every step needed to achieve your branding goals. The process of rebranding may take time and energy, and these people will help you to solve the challenge and transform your problem to achieve your goals and also strengthen your position in the market.

People are changing and brands should think to align with them in this ever-changing market.