What TikTok Means for Your Brand

Unless you’re living under a rock like Patrick, then you must’ve heard of TikTok. This fastest growing social media app even caught the attention of the U.S government. That shows how big of a deal this app is. More importantly, how would it impact businesses.

First we need to understand why TikTok is growing rapidly. Aside from the fact that TikTok is built for videos (which has better engagement than still images), There are 3 big factors to this. The ease of use, human factor, and the unbelievably smart algorithms made this app an ideal platform for brands to spread brand awareness and gather an audience. Let me explain.

From a user perspective, the app is very easy to use.

Once you log in, you can start swiping, and just like that, you will stay in the app for hours. This eliminates the need for people to search for interesting contents or accounts like in Instagram. This is why TikTok’s user growth is through the orbit, there is basically no effort and learning curve.

The ease of use also applies for creators. TikTok encourages creators to make creative videos in the simplest way possible, and by that, it means making videos in the app. The video editing tools in TikTok are leading in the social media space currently. Also, their AR technology is better than Instagram and comparable to Snapchat.

Is this in-app editing able to produce the same result like Davinci Resolve or PremierePro? No way, not even close. But that’s the point! In TikTok, less is more. Because TikTok encourages creators to create from what’s available, the value of a content doesn’t solely depend on the visual quality of the video, but more on the content itself.

This ease of use means the ability for your brand to produce a lot of content faster, cheaper, easier, and catch the opportunity to tap into an ever-expanding large customer base, in which most of them are gen z.

Second, there is the human factor.

Believe it or not, TikTok is the most Humane social media platform available today. Because there is little production and editing involved, the resulting content is more genuine and down to earth. Just like the tagline:

“Real people. Real videos”

TikTok really highlights human interaction and personality in the contents where production value doesn't really matter.

This means, unlike in Instagram where you communicate with your audience as business to person, in TikTok, brands can interact with the audience as person to person. With a person behind every video, brands can be more flexible, more persuasive, more creative, more engaging. This really helps 2 way communications and increase engagement. Brand could leverage on this to generate leads and increase conversion.

Lastly, the magic algorithm.

When I said you can stay hours in the app, that’s because of the algorithm. The algorithm is the main selling point of the app. While you have the option to see updates from your followings like in Instagram, the vast majority of TikTok users are more interested on the For You Page (FYP) where the magic happens.

The FYP shows contents not limited to the accounts you follow, leaving users no choice but to see what the algorithm offers. This means you have the opportunity to reach massive amounts of audience if your content is recommended by the algorithm. On TikTok you don’t have to rely on shareable contents or influencers to gain massive engagement. You just have to create the right content.

So what type of content works best in TikTok?

There is no easy answer to that. Just like any social media platforms, what works for your brand will vary depending several factors, mostly on your product and industry.

However for brands in general, some types of content that are trending right now are informative content combined with storytelling. Informative contents are things like tips and tricks and behind the scenes. Surprisingly, not only about tips and tricks about your product or services, the audience is curious about your packaging process, your factory tour, your assembly line, your storage, the story behind your company, your zero to hero journey, and basically things that can improve trust and transparency, which are important factors for the gen z.

Now don’t waste your time, hop on TikTok and catch the momentum.