Brands in The Middle of Pandemic

Other than serious implications for people’s health, COVID-19 is also significantly impacting all business owners in the past 6 months. As we all know, COVID-19 has affected all sectors ranging from real estate, airline, entertainment, automotive, sports, all the way to the ecommerce industry. While most sectors are negatively impacted, some sectors are affected in a positive way.

Those sectors include groceries, delivery/logistics, e-commerce, and the food industry. Since the majority of people are staying inside their household, they rely more on the digital space throughout the lockdown. Thus, a lot of people suddenly took advantage of this phenomenon by becoming an entrepreneur and starting to create their online business, selling all kinds of different stuff from food and beverage, fashion items, all the way to local arts and crafts.

Given that situation, a question arises among new business owners:

how to maintain a brand to survive the pandemic and be long lasting?

One of the answers is by communicating the role of their brand in the pandemic to the customers. Since trust is essential to build customer-brand relationships, that means communicating any pandemic-related things through your business is important. It’s a responsibility for every brand to create and build confidence among people to deal with this pandemic. This will help your brand to be more relevant not only in this situation but also for the long run, and it is essential to build trust and long lasting personal connection. In short this is called branding with empathy.

Branding with empathy is a powerful branding strategy that could help businesses sustain and make people understand the role of your brand. Your attention and empathy are the key to building a brand in these times of hardship.

Brands should offer solutions by providing customers what they need.

By shifting your focus to the customer’s needs, you can position yourself to make them feel comfortable choosing your brand over your competitors to solve their problem. Paying attention to the changing needs and wants from customers are the things that help your brand to build and maintain relationships with your customer during this difficult time and after.

What you could do for example is encourage customers to use food delivery apps instead of going out for a meal, communicating any changes you’re making to adapt in this pandemic such as maintaining healthy protocol, sharing safety precautions, etc. Basically show that your brand is trying to be the solution and make customers feel comfortable choosing you.

During this time, only hard selling and making promotions won’t be enough. Brands have to also adapt, educate, and provide solutions. After all, your customer is at the center of your brand. You should pay more attention to what they desire, because your brand grows with them.